PCT: A children's camp this summer will not open

Many children’s camps this summer, don’t expect to open because of the uncertainty with coronavirus recommendations of the CPS and due to the lack of state support. Assessed the situation as the press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina.

to Remind, Rospotrebnadzor has published recommendations on the work of children’s camps in a pandemic coronavirus. So, the camps will open no earlier than the third phase of the lifting of restrictions. Parents can send children only to those camps that are located in the region of residence. Children living in cities of Federal significance, can relax in the RF subjects bordering them.

In an interview with “Interfax” Tyurin explained: it is important to obtain from the government a clear and workable regulations, what to do if someone of the kids is sick with coronavirus. This regulation must be discussed with the representatives of the tourist industry. She stressed that the camp is not ready to commit yourself to take the initiative and responsibility without explanation. So many people immediately decide not to open.

Turin suggested that in a situation with children’s camps makes sense to use the scheme of solution of the question by analogy with the resorts. Them in case of infection one of the guests are not allowed to cover the entire object, and to hospitalize the sick and disinfect his room.

Tyurina added that the demand for organized recreation children have already sold a lot of permits, but in the camps still don’t know how to prepare for the opening. She thinks about the start of the season it would be good to announce in advance. “If the opening will confirm only the day before, no one did not immediately go, because the parents have to plan everything, and camps to prepare,” — said Turina.

She also cited data showing that the number of children’s camps in this ode can be reduced. The company reported mass refusals of permits: less than half of parents expect this summer to send children in the camp. So, according to the Association of organisers of children’s active tourism (SOLDIERS), in the unenviable position were mostly private camps, which account for about 30% of the total. Things are better in budgetary institutions, there are refusals of permits is less, but here is the issue of opening of borders between regions, said the representative of the PCT.

earlier, the Ministry of education of Russia recommended to the Russian Federation subjects to open summer shift summer camps from 1 July, however, the timing can shift as on earlier and later date, on the basis of sanitary-epidemiological situation and the recommendations of the CPS.

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