These measures, recorded in an order of the Ministry of the Interior of June 13, aim to secure the crossing of pedestrians, clarify the movement of cyclists and better indicate the safety distances in the tunnels.

The mixed pedestrian-cycle light, tested in Strasbourg, can be used when a cycle path runs alongside a pedestrian crossing. The light incorporates both a pedestrian and a cycle visual, to indicate to cyclists that they must eventually respect the pedestrian light, a rule of the Highway Code that already exists but is often ignored.

Another device announced: the countdown at pedestrian crossings. Already tested in the cities of Strasbourg, Vannes and Neuilly-sur-Seine, it tells pedestrians both the waiting time before going through the green light, then the time remaining to cross the road.

The evaluation reports of local experiments show a very positive reception from pedestrians, who feel reassured by this device, and nearly half of them say they are encouraged to change their behavior by respecting the crossing indications.

The decree also presents two new information panels on safety distances in road tunnels. The signage indicates to the drivers the safety distances to be respected by using the blue beacons installed on the side of the tunnels.

Tested in the Foix tunnel in Ariège, these panels are added to those indicating the distance to be respected between two vehicles in meters.

All these devices are offered to road managers, such as municipalities or conurbations, who can now choose to put them in place.