Pensioners and students protested the cancellation of preferential tickets to the Hermitage

the Hermitage has temporarily suspended the sale of discounted tickets due to limitations in the pandemic coronavirus. In response, the St. Petersburg uproar on social networks.

“Well, Yes, of course, because students and pensioners — the “wealthy” class, let him pay! Nothing gift to the museums to walk!” — the local resident was indignant.

It was supported by other users. Someone ironically suggested to make the entrance fee to the Palace square, and someone, seriously, to arrange a one-month boycott of all institutions in the city who want to “cut money” after the pandemic.

“Actually, that kind of nonsense. Why do I, a resident of the city, of the country need to pay a lot of money for entrance to museums” — ask a question about St. Petersburg.

One lady remembered that the abolition of concessionary tickets to the Hermitage explained the rules of sanitary safety.

“that is, if the entrance pay, the virus will not catch on?” — naturally suggested the girl.

According to the Museum, reduced admission temporarily suspended because of increased risk of infection at the time of verification of documents. Old rules promised to return “as soon as the situation will allow”. While free admission to the Museum allowed only to Heroes of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation and full gentlemen of order of Glory. From August 1 every third Thursday of the month, the Museum can be visited without payment to minors, students and families.

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