In Belarus until 2023 should be held constitutional reform. Such a proposal before the presidential election scheduled for August 9, was made by President Alexander Lukashenko, who is involved in the election campaign.

“We it (the Constitution) will do in two years”, — said the leader of the country.

the Project must revise the delegation of authority down, the President said. According to BelTA, Lukashenko has got acquainted with several proposed versions of the amendments, but “they are no good”.

“People are just afraid to make more drastic changes to the Constitution. I think we need it to do. Even before the adoption of the Constitution we actually do a lot in terms of subsidiarity to the presidents of Executive committees, the Governor,” — he promised.

In neighboring Russia in 2020 brought to life a proposal by President Vladimir Putin to change the Constitution. Was prepared a package of amendments that is already approved by the two branches of government, but is waiting for the people’s will. Russians Express their attitude to the amendments from 25 June to 1 July. Read more about voting for its eccentricities — here and here.

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