Peppa Pig is no longer an icon “subversive” in China. The country will mark the year of the pig, which starts in February, with a film based on the character’s pig cartoon british. A list of official chinese government listing the films in preparation for account, in particular, a project entitled Peppa Pig is celebrating the chinese New year , supposed to come out in February 2019, on the occasion of the chinese New year holidays, reports Sunday the daily official China Daily .

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Product by Alibaba Pictures, and the canadian group Entertainment One, which owns the rights to the Peppa Pig character – the film presents the traditional characters of the cartoon, in which the heroine is a mischievous pig bright pink, as well as two newcomers, “Dumpling” and “rice Dumpling sticky”, two dishes popular in the chinese cuisine.

“Satire likely to adversely affect the company’

Introduced in the mid-2000s in China, “Peppa Pig” has become extremely popular, via episodes dubbed in mandarin. But that fervor was intensified by the end of 2017 with an audience of young adults, with the proliferation of internet users -some stars – flag-tattoos ephemeral “Peppa Pig” on selfies, while pulled-derived objects, cups, watches and clothing bearing the likeness of the character.

People’s Daily , the voice of the communist Party in power, had in may led the charge, denouncing the perverse effects of “commercialization” of Peppa driven ad nauseum by the stars of the web. “Many students seek to differentiate themselves by competing watches or accessories Peppa Pig”, for the benefit of “manufacturers of counterfeit products”, about it.

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The Global Times had complained of “addiction” in children, which would encourage some “to grouiner and jump in the puddles.” The innocent pig was according to the newspaper “became an icon for the sub-culture” youth “hostile to the values of mainstream, often poorly educated and without stable work”, “idle”, “the polar opposite of the youth that want to grow the Party.” Peppa Pig “has taken a turn subversive” and its popularity is “viral” shows “a thirst for news and satire is likely to harm the moral fabric of society,” said the Global Times .

The popular video platform shared Douyin was then removed from its catalogue at least 30,000 episodes of the animated british. The word-pound #PeppaPig had even been banned from the site.