Peskov explained the refusal of the Russian authorities from the goal to enter the top 5 largest economies

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov explained the disappearance of the document on the national development of Russia until 2030 the point that Russia needs to enter the five largest economies in the world, which was the presidential decree 2018, the fact that the situation at the moment is unfavourable, RBC reports.

According to Peskov, required adjustments.

Among the national development goals of the Russian Federation to 2030, the preservation of population health and well-being of people, opportunities for self-realization and development of talents, comfortable and safe environment for life, decent, effective work and successful entrepreneurship and digital transformation.

According to the document, the share of Russians who regularly engaged in physical culture and sports, and by 2030 is expected to increase to 70%. Meanwhile, life expectancy in Russia by 2030 should reach 78 years, and Russia by this time should be among the ten leading countries in education quality and volume of scientific research and development.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the publication, called the goal for Russia to enter the top five most developed economies in the world are absolutely solved. The President pointed out that Russia at that time was ranked sixth and slightly behind Germany.

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