Peskov neither confirmed nor denied the words of Bolton on eloquence Putin

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov refused to confirm or deny the words of the former adviser to the US presidential Advisor for homeland security John Bolton of the eloquent statements of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Recall, Bolton, in his recent book on the work of the White house in 2018-2019 writes that the meeting with Putin in the Kremlin in 2018, the interpreter allegedly transferred some of Putin’s remarks. While Bolton did not specify how he learned of what Putin said, on their own or through the American interpreter. According to Bolton, he discussed with Putin the situation in the area of At-Tanta in Syria. Putin said that up to 5 thousand “locals” in the area of At-Tanta are actually militants (terrorist organization banned in Russia) who follow American guidelines, but is ready to betray them. Bolton writes: “Putin said that the militants will have to kiss a certain part of our body. But “his translator didn’t translated”.

according to RIA “news” Sands to the questions on this occasion said that Putin is “sometimes very eloquent,” and “gives comprehensive wording” in the description of a number of events and phenomena. Sands is ready to confirm, “but as to this specific case here, I can neither confirm nor deny.”

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