Peskov: Putin is not yet vaccinated for coronavirus, and me

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been vaccinated against coronavirus. As reported TASS, said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.

“No,” he answered the corresponding question.

Sand is explained by the fact that the vaccine is not yet certified.

as for himself, Peskov said that he was “the vaccine is not particularly needed” because he had been ill. He also added that he did not know, did someone vaccinated from the presidential administration.

Informed Bloomberg, citing its own sources reported that the Russian political elite had access to the experimental vaccine for the coronavirus of the National research center named after Gamalei since April. According to the newspaper, hundreds of people have been vaccinated, but their names were not disclosed.

In may, the Sands became ill with the coronavirus, as well as his wife of athlete Tatyana Navka. Both were in the hospital and after vyzdorovleniya was discharged home.

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