Peskov told about the feelings he experienced after receiving a positive test COVID-19

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov told the TASS about his experience in the fight against coronavirus. According to him, the first emotion for a positive test became an annoyance. The second is a sense of hope, “what you have is going to easy, asymptomatic scenario”, the third feeling — fear, shared Sands. “And, of course, the experience for the family. Because I have a big family, a lot of us live together. And my first thought was — what to do if you get sick of everything,” he said. According to Peskov, life was different, unusual scenario: the family stayed at home — “a very tough and uncompromising”. “And he, despite the fact that still went to work, but she does vaguely resembled the former appearance and image — the less contact, regular tests,” — said Peskov. Speaking about the findings, which he learned from personal experience, the press Secretary of the President was brief: “mask at the time of a pandemic, Yes. When the pandemic will not.” 12 may it became known about the hospitalization of Peskov and his wife Tatiana Navka. Peskov was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. And yesterday it was reported that the press Secretary of the head of state was discharged from the hospital and said that will be quarantined. According to him, he will continue to work in home mode.

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