Peskov urged to treat the data about falling of level of incomes of Russians

In the administration of the President of the Russian Federation are not familiar with the methodology of the poll about the decline in the level of incomes of Russians. However, they believe that to draw conclusions at the Federal level “on the basis of a small sample” — is incorrect. So said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov study on the drop in the level of incomes of Russians during a pandemic coronavirus.

According to Peskov, RIA “news” in the Kremlin, this study was not studied. However, he urged to be careful to such kind of surveys. “We don’t know any methodology for the calculation or the resources of these companies, the sample is not the biggest”, — said the representative of the Kremlin.

we will Remind, according to the survey SK “Rosgosstrakh-life” and the scientific-technical center “Perspektiva”, published in the media during the pandemic, the proportion of Russians with average income below 15 thousand rubles increased from 38,1% to 44.6%. In a telephone survey participated 1.5 thousand Russians older than 18 years from all Federal districts. The study was conducted from 26 February to 3 March, i.e. before the introduction of major quarantine restrictions and the regime of self-isolation, and in June, after easing the isolation that has allowed to identify the impact of the pandemic and restrictive measures on the financial position of citizens. For the main indicator adopted called the Respondent average income per month, regardless of whether it’s official or not. The error results of the survey, 3.3 percent.

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