This is a man for whom the term “survivor” is not usurped. Peter Perrett, aged 67, has just released his second solo album. That is already a feat in itself. Nothing to spoil, the hard disk in question, Humanworld , is one of the best that we have been given to listen to these last few weeks. “The goal was to produce a music which is at least as good as my songs of the past,” he told with sweetness and modesty, a few hours before his final concert in paris. Concise, precise and energetic, the Humanworld is the work of a man managed to regain confidence after years of fog opiate. In 2017, on its first drive after twenty years of inactivity, Perrett had played safety in recruiting veteran Chris Savadogo, collaborator history of the Rolling Stones. This time, he was surrounded by his two sons, Jamie and Peter Jr, respectively guitarist and bassist, who have concocted a rock sound basic: two guitars, a bass and a …

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