Peterburzhenka grow the longest fingernails in Russia and sells them for a large amount of money (photo)

the Lady Jelena Shilenkova in may hit the Russian Book of records as the owner of the longest natural nails. Their total length exceeds five feet. By the summer she decided to change the image, and the results of years of labor to sell for a large amount of fans. The correspondent of “Rosbalt” talked with the girl.

According to her, the whole story was started not for fame or loan. Record holder just decided to grow nails for the last time, at the maximum, as will be able to afford her living conditions, patience and dedication. In fact Shilenkova tested their endurance.

“Very huge domestic resources are spent on wearing these nails, total control in all things and in all actions, even in sleep. The brain is not fully resting. And I decided before the summer to cut them. Just the record will be with smooth beautiful figure 159 see the beauty. And in the summer of rest, in what itself without limiting”, — said the interlocutor.

While she’s planning the length of your nails one to three inches, though admits that could change his mind, because he did not know “that the female head will be next year.” And yet to the same size Shilenkova to return exactly no plans. While that same record holder is looking for buyers for nails, and one has already sold.

“different Amounts are offered, but less than a few thousand dollars I will not be satisfied. So many want immediately eliminated,” explained the interviewee.

In the future she plans to collaborate with beauty brands and to share their own experience in nail care.

Add that Shilenkova not for the first time in the Book of records of Russia. In 2018 and 2019, the girl also won as the owner of the longest fingernails.

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