Petersburg artist asked God

In St. Petersburg a new work by the artist Loketski. It’s called “Prayer”. The author said in his Instagram that turns to God with a request “to save and preserve our old Constitution.”

To create an art object, the artist used 65 printed editions of the Constitution of 1993.

“can’t call it “acting” because the government did not allow her, clocked her, wringing her hands, squeezed of PEC, dragged into COP Paz, sewed fake criminal cases. And now all turns into a Kafkaesque anecdote, in illustration of Orwell,” said the artist.

“I Starover. I believe in the old Constitution. Believe that the government should be replaced, and the main law is to be fulfilled. Trust, Lord, that you deeply care about, whether you’re in it or not. Because you already have to do this, the Holy book: Torah, Bible, Koran… the Constitution is my Holy book! And all citizens of Russia. Even those who do not believe in anything, anyone and no one believes Loketski. — God, I know I’m asking too much. Please, make a miracle for our country’s future, save and protect the Constitution”.

Recall that 1 July in Russia is the last day of voting on amendments to be made to the Main law of the country. According to political analysts, the main purpose of the plebiscite is the nullification of presidential terms, which would enable Vladimir Putin to run for two more times, until 2036.

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