Petersburg notes 317 birthday online: shoot from a gun to the doctors, a world record and fireworks

may 27, St. Petersburg, Northern and Cultural capital, marks 317 years.

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus St. Petersburg will not be able to celebrate the day of the City gathered in the Palace square and passing through noisy crowd on the Nevsky prospect, admire the drawbridges. But don’t worry: the day to join the celebration will have more people, because our city on the Neva river will celebrate its 317-anniversary online.

a Midday shot from the cannon would be symbolic. It will produce doctors who are today at the forefront of fighting the coronavirus.

12:00 start Drum Hits — drum Shows. Third international Drum Parade will be held on Nevsky Prospekt, and will take viewers in the digital space. Majorettes, ethnic drums, Brazilian Samba, shaman drums…

the Most distant countries and cities will be United by the rhythm of the city on the Neva. Watch the broadcast on a Facebook group dedicated to the birthday of the city.

later in netipichnaya, but a symbolic time — 13.17 — held Percussion flashmob that aims to set a world record.

the Teleconference will connect musicians from different countries from Belarus to Mexico and will take them into the heart of St. Petersburg — Peter and Paul fortress. The musicians will perform a specially written song and try to set a new world record in the category “the Most massive simultaneous percussion online”.

the Broadcast also can be viewed in the official Vkontakte group.

At 18:15 Peter and Paul fortress will be the leaders of classical music, ballet dancers, jazz musicians and popular singers. The concert will take part Yury Smekalov, Svetlana Fedulova, Yuri Galtsev Igor Kornelyuk, Larisa Luppian, Mikhail Boyarsky, Alice Vaux, Marseille, KREС, Grigory Chernetsov, Proletarian tango and J. Mar. Online bridges will connect St. Petersburg with other cities and countriesus, and in the finale of the concert will feature a composition written especially for the city Day — “Peter Sanctus”.

Stream of the concert on the channel’s website ( and in the group Vkontakte will start at 18:30.

Those who, for whatever reason, was not able to celebrate the birthday of the City environment, can see the replay of the gala concert on the TV channel “78” on may 30 at 22:30 or in the official Vkontakte group.

20:00 soldiers of the Mikhailovskaya military artillery Academy will produce the fireworks of three dozen blank volleys without fireworks. “According to tradition, each volley is going to be named and dedicated to outstanding residents of the city, the most important historical events and feats of the soldiers of the Leningrad people”, — said the commander of the district Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev.

“Rosbalt” congratulates with the day of Foundation of the beloved city, inspiring millions of people for four centuries. Let each year Saint Petersburg becomes more beautiful and cleaner, and the residents and guests of the Northern capital contribute to this. As bequeathed great classic: “Beauty, hail Petrov!”.

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