Petersburg offers the Federal center to recognize the media affected the industry

Without the support of the media will be closed, the staff of editions will be reduced, and the quality of work to decline. This was at a workshop in city government declared the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

the Mayor said that the government in the Federal centre has already sent the proposal to the media included in the Federal list of industries that are most affected by the pandemic coronavirus. Major losses organizations suffer due to the failure of advertising in conditions of crisis a number of companies were unable to cover their expenses are not it.

fluently have listed all the types of media that require support: TV and radio broadcasting organizations, print media, news agencies, zines, publishing houses and organizations of printing.

the Governor Also has informed that from the city budget for media subsidies in the form of grants this year will allocate over 120 million rubles. Among the priority themes which will be the basis of competitive selection — anti-coronavirus, an amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the development of public e-services, prevention of terrorism and extremism, the protection of animals from cruel treatment, and others.

Earlier, a similar proposal for the inclusion of media in the list of industries affected by the pandemic, was the Krasnoyarsk Governor. Also said state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein.

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