Petersburg Ombudsman questioned the actions of the court in the case of

the Verdict does not eliminate questions about the violation of the rights of St. Petersburg involved in the case “Network” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia). This was said yesterday the city Ombudsman Alexander Shishlov.

human rights Activist decided not to assess the involvement of Viktor and Yulia Filinkova Bojarshinova to commit crimes, but pointed to unsolved problems.

“I regret to say that in the course of the trial did not evaluate information on numerous violations of the rights of the accused and the pressure on them, including on unlawful use of means of restraint (and in fact — torture). The court even failed to interrogate the operational officer who used a stun gun to the detainee, which only reinforces doubts about the contents of the case,” noted Shishlov.

he also Mentioned the violation of the publicity process: a small courtroom and the denial of access of journalists. Ombudsman also spoke about the detention of the activists with use of force, which, in his opinion, require additional verification.

we will Remind, on June 22 in St. Petersburg announced the verdict against Viktor Filinkova and Julia Bojarshinova, accused of involvement in the terrorist community. The young people received seven and five and a half years imprisonment, respectively.

in Front of the 1st Western military district court of St. Petersburg and the capital, activists organized a picket against political repression. Per day detained about 30 people. The protest action was held in Moscow.

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