Petersburg on approaching rains and strong winds

the St. Petersburg emergencies Department has warned of adverse weather phenomena that are expected in the city on June 30. As reported in Department, at Petersburg looming heavy rains and thunderstorms. Strong wind gusts will reach 23 meters per second.

management Specialists reminded how to behave during a thunderstorm. This applies particularly to people in rural areas.

In the office I advise you not to leave the house, close all Windows, doors, chimneys and vents, turn off the TV, radio and other electrical appliances. Should not be during a lightning storm, use the stove — pipe coming out of the smoke has high electrical conductivity and may be attracted to the electrical discharge. Also you should not talk on the phone, as lightning sometimes gets in between the posts strained wire.

in addition, during lightning strikes dangerously close to electrical wiring, lightning rod, drains from roofs, the antenna.

When the wind is strong in the office ask for billboards, trees and rickety buildings.

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