Petersburg on approaching storm clouds

In St. Petersburg on 28 July, the weather turned bad. As reported in the city Department of the emergencies Ministry, on Tuesday is expected rain showers and thunderstorms. At night the wind will be weak, but in the afternoon during a thunder-storm impulses can reach 15 m/s.

In the management reminded about the main rules of behaviour in stormy weather. Those in rural areas, it is recommended to close Windows, doors, chimneys and vents. Experts advise to refrain from talking on the phone, unplug electrical appliances not to stand next to window and not to come close to electrical wiring.

Also, do not heat the oven as coming out of the smoke pipe has high electrical conductivity and may be attracted to the electrical discharge.

Those who during bad weather was on the street, the office is asked to avoid the trees, loose structures, billboards, shaky structure.

in case of any emergency, experts advise to immediately call the rescue service.

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