Petersburg takes the second place in Russia in terms of mortality from COVID-19

In St. Petersburg, the fatality rate from COVID-19 (percentage of deaths from number of cases) is 3,52%. As reported in the information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus, is the highest in the North-Western district. And a week earlier it stood at 2,63%.

In General among the Russian regions, St. Petersburg occupies the second place. Higher mortality only in Dagestan to 4.88%.

the center also spoke about the situation in other regions of the NWFD. Thus, in three of them the mortality rate above 1%. Is Kaliningrad oblast (a 1.5% 11 in Russia), Vologda oblast (1.1 percent, 25 for RF) and the Republic of Komi (of 1.09%, 26th in the Russian Federation).

In the rest of the mortality rate below 1% and in the Nenets Autonomous region it is equal to zero.

Nationwide, the fatality rate from COVID-19, according to 18 June, 1.37 per cent for the regions of the North-West of 2.07%.

Recall that in St. Petersburg daily confirmed the death of dozens of people from COVID-19.

the rising death toll from COVID-19 in St. Petersburg has been observed since the beginning of June, when the city switched to a new method of counting. It involves combining the results of the Commission’s analysis of the lethal outcomes and the operational data of the medical death certificates.

For the last day of the coronavirus detected in 231 resident of Petersburg, died 29 patients.

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