Petersburg the court: For the promotion of homosexuality Madonna in Russia, no one was fined

Madonna said that was fined in St. Petersburg for $1 million for a speech in support of the group Pussy Riot and the LGBT community on his show, but a fine she never paid. In a press-service of the courts of Saint-Petersburg information to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” denied.

In August 2012, the St. Petersburg activists of the movement “people’s Cathedral” and “Union of Russian citizens” is really directed to the Moscow district court of St. Petersburg claims about compensation of moral harm to the singer and the concert organizers. They felt offended by her statement in support of sexual minorities. Among the respondents pointed out not only Madonna, but also the Petersburg sports-concert complex and the organization of “planet plus”, who led a concert venue. However, the court rejected the claims, reported in a press-service.

“In 2012, the court dismissed the claim of the activists who demanded to collect from it the penalty in the amount of 333 million rubles,” — said the Agency.

Recall that in 2013, Russia adopted a law on the inadmissibility of propaganda of homosexuality. In St. Petersburg, a similar law was passed earlier, in the spring of 2012. For violators provided penalties: for citizens — to 5 thousand rubles, officials — to 50 thousand rubles, legal entities — up to 500 thousand rubles.

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