Petersburg the Deputy of called the head of the Kirov area

Deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly Andrei Vasilyev once again urged the Governor to dismiss the head of administration of the Kirov district Sergei Ivanov for “aristocratic” attitude towards people and condoning a cartel. With the appropriate parliamentary inquiry Vasiliev spoke at the plenary meeting in the Mariinsky Palace.

Andrey Vasilyev recalled that not so long ago OFAS opened a criminal case on the fact of restriction of competition in the sphere of organization of power in kindergartens of the Kirovsky district.

the Monopolists study 13 purchases made in the period of 2016-2017 years in excess of 444,6 million rubles.

From the case materials that the administration had informed the organizations funding limits, it was then agreed upon between the quotations and the cost of food. According to Vasilyev, to prescribe such requirements as a bona fide contender for victory in the competition was required to reduce the initial maximum contract price not less than 43%.

Andrey Vasilyev accused the administration of cartel agreements and called on the Governor to fire the head of the district. He also said that Sergei Ivanov in April refused to provide the center of social service of the population of the district minibus owned by the children’s drama theatre at the Narva gate. Because of this some pensioners of the district have not received their food packages.

“How long are we going to allow the heads of district administrations to play the role of such specific princelings? It’s blatant haughtiness and disregard for the people!” — said Andrey Vasilyev and said he was ready to initiate a parliamentary investigation in the case, if the Governor do not take action against Ivanov.

For a parliamentary inquiry voted 35 members of Parliament.

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