Petersburg the doctor told me the area in which Viper often bite residents

At the St. Petersburg Institute of emergency care since the beginning of the season brought 6 people bitten by a Viper. According to “Dr. Peter”, according to chief toxicologist of the city, head of the Department of clinical toxicology, Institute of emergency care Alexei Lodygina, this year especially frequently are victims of priozerskiy district of Leningrad region.

the Doctor said that the treatment after the bite of a Viper lasts for about two weeks. As a rule, affected there is severe swelling at the bite location, pain occur may be nausea or vomiting, but the body temperature does not rise high.

Lodygin added that the snake bite should immediately call an ambulance and before the ambulance arrived to move too much and drink more water to accelerate the excretion of the poison from the body. Bandage the bitten limb tourniquet medic is not recommended since the accumulated in the blood during cross-clamping of the metabolic products aggravate the condition of the victim. He also advises not to suck out the poison from wounds, as there is a risk of poisoning to the rescuer.

we will Remind, last week in Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg from the bite of a Viper injured 2-year-old child. The incident occurred during a walk on the Baltic Boulevard near the shore of the Gulf of Finland. The boy was taken to the emergency room.

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