Petersburg turned into a

By evening in the Northern capital of dramatically changed weather. St. Petersburg residents took the storm of hail and as a result, traffic jams. Photos and videos shared by users in social networks.

“First, the temperature in 32 degrees heat, and for dessert, grad. What we have here, a branch of hell opened?” — wrote local resident.

Judging by the photo, nature gave residents of a particle of hail 3-4 cm. On victims is not reported. Eyewitnesses post photos with broken windshields of cars.

According to Yandex, traffic in St. Petersburg has reached eight points. There are sites on Nevsky prospect, Bolshoy Sampsonievsky, Malookhtinsky Avenue, embankments of Obvodny canal, Vyborg, ammunition, and a Large Pushkarskaya and other streets.

Meanwhile, the MOE write that on 10 June in the city is also expected inclement weather. Local residents will find showers, thunderstorms, sometimes gusts up to 15 m/s.

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