Petersburg was covered with tropical rain, there is flooding

the residents spend in social networks complain about flooding in different parts of the city after a powerful rainstorm. In numerous photos and videos of the car, almost floating on the flooded roads.

puddles of spilled on Leninsky prospect and the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov, so it is time to get the oars in the boat, joking users.

“there will be in shorts for a coffee and sink ankle-deep because the drains are unable to cope even with a half-hour rain.” — she writes in Instagram under the roller with water, flood the sidewalks on Leninsky Prospekt.

In the residential complex “Leningrad” on the prospectus of Engels, the water literally started gushing from underground Parking.

“In St. Petersburg cataclysm tropical”, — commented on the events another user of “Vkontakte”.

Live with floods also published with the street of Marshal Kazakov, Novatorov Boulevard and Avenue of the people’s Militia.

“Promises to solve the problem of drains under the railway bridge on the Avenue of people’s Militia in the district MREO UTC and remained promises. For the third year they say something but do nothing” — complain users of “Vkontakte”

“the main thing For the buoys do not swim! And let’s keep looking!” — ironic users in the comments to the posts.

“Right at the exit of the metro station “Academic” with manholes flow fills all around… Water plus shit,” complains another one from St. Petersburg.

spared the downpour and Parachute, and flooded Congress with KAD on Vitebsk the prospectus complaining motorists.

“Kolpino also swam in places. Importantly, the solid do not cross!” — suggest to each other Petersburgers suffered from the disaster.

we will Remind, earlier in “Vodokanal” has warned that from-for deteriorations of weather in St. Petersburg possible flooding. It was adverplanned storm warning, the same weather is expected on Wednesday.

In the MOE reported that, as of 17:00, experts traveled twice to the places of falling of trees and saved two of the passengers trapped in the flooded area.

to Report flooding call the “water” in the room 305-09-09 or the beautification Committee number 314-60-13.