Petersburgers argue, may need to take things from street containers with unnecessary clothes

In the Internet appeared the video, which captured the two men, reaching for clothes and shoes from the container of the charity Fund “Contribution”. The video was shot in Saint Petersburg in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region.

“What are you doing? Just pull, robbing people who need help? You let all this put!” — strongly suggests to men the author of the video.

Under his pressure strangers silently start putting the shopping bags back, and then leave.

In comments to the post started the debates. Many have condemned the author of the video and noticed that without the global crisis and unemployment, this would not have happened.

“And remove the not ashamed? Maybe they are in need? A good life will not get people,” — writes the user.

“Things for the needy, they need them, they may be taken, it is still crowded — note subscribers. — Judging by their outfit, they would also a little help”.

“got the shoes and panties to yourself to look. And thank God for that. And could look out on someone’s shoes, jacket, on the head and take off. Business somehow,” writes another woman.

Others called the two men “thieves and freeloaders” and said that to take anything from the container they should not.

On the website of the charity Fund “Contribution” indicates that the glove assistance to large families, low-income citizens, seniors and people with disabilities. 2 kg of clothing issued every month in the stores of the Fund for social cards, which require issue after presenting documents.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that St. Petersburg will be able to give books to children with special needs.