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Petersburgers complain of an unpleasant smell from the pond in the Malookhtinsky Park

Petersburgers complain of an unpleasant smell from the pond in the Malookhtinsky Park

the pond in the Malookhtinsky Park attracted the attention of St. Petersburg. As they said in social networks from the pond starts to smell.

“due to a faulty Sewerage system 2 holes in the walls of the pond is the drainage of surface waters dumping sewage into the pond. The dirt and the smell worse than in Okkervil, because the water is stagnant. If we can’t fix the canal. system, you can at least put plugs in the drain holes” — complain the citizens.

Commentators say that the smell is present even with last year.

Meanwhile, in Smolny reported on the audit. With the version of local residents, the officials did not agree.

“According to our information, the discharges of household and industrial sewage of industrial enterprises and municipal sewage into the reservoir do not exist. The smell of natural characteristic ecosystem of the pond, which on the background of high temperatures is a natural phenomenon, as algal blooms due to the intensification of metabolic processes and development of blue-green algae,” — said the head of the Department of water resources of the Committee on natural resources Mikhail Strakhov.

the Administration promises to strengthen the condition of the drainage system Malookhtinsky Park.

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