Petersburgers have noticed the oil slick in the river Smolenka (photo)

In the Smolenka river on Vasilievsky island have noticed an oil spill. On complaints of local residents arrived at the scene by emergency services.

“the same spot I was last year at the mouth when there was a dredging” — recalled the witnesses.

the Committee on natural resources in social networks have reported on the measures taken. According to the staff, sediments, contaminated by petroleum products almost all over the river. For the clean-up took jurisdiction of the service.

“When work inevitably cause a local secondary pollution. In addition, pay attention that the vessel performing the work may not be the source of oil pollution”, — said the Committee.

Specifies that residents began to complain about the spill after heavy rainfall, suggesting the possible ingress of oil into the river from the surrounding areas.

“the Release of petroleum products into the waters of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland is not allowed — appeals at the place of work of environmental emergency services. Floated oil products are processed sorbent additionally installed band-booms”, — concluded the Agency.

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