Petersburgers have soft output

In St. Petersburg on 27 June will not be able to buy alcohol. The restriction is imposed in connection with the holiday of graduates “Scarlet sails”, which this year will be held in online format.

As reported in the city Committee on industrial policy, innovation and trade, a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages will operate from 22:00 on June 26 until 11:00 on June 28. Exceptions are made for beer, cider, Poiret and Mead on-site catering industry. Alcohol can be purchased in the shops of format duty-free.

Recall the “Scarlet sails” in St. Petersburg will be held June 27. Instead of the traditional exit to the river this year, the brig will be held at the Gulf of Finland. The pandemic coronavirus celebration will be held in online and television formats.

In the event the Gulf coast will close to visitors. Also be limited the movement of vehicles and change the routes of public transport. Trying to watch “Scarlet sails” live will suppress law enforcement officers.

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