Petersburgers said the threat of closure of bars in the city

the Inhabitants of St. Petersburg appealed to Smolny to reconsider the decision to close the bars a small area. Related petition appeared on the website and scored during the four days more than 5 thousand signatures.

the author of the initiative Alexander zaraysky said that it is not against the attempts of the administration to reduce alcoholism in the society, but the deputies made a mistake during the preparation of the bill. This refers to the indication of the size of institution: less than 50 square meters.

“This approach is unacceptable. The hall area for a bar, cafe or restaurant has never been an indicator of the level of service. In the world there are many institutions one or two tables where you can eat and drink pre-recorded a few months and paying a large sum. And no one is embarrassed by their size. But in St. Petersburg such institutions are now automatically fall under the ban,” — said Zaraisky.

According to him, they gave the city a glory bar and gastronomic capital, where tourists flock from other cities and countries. The closing will strike a familiar life of the Northern capital and its image, said the author of the petition. He added that he does not mean “low bar” in residential buildings.

“In connection with the above required to prevent the entry into force of the existing amendments and to recycle them in Saint-Petersburg taking into account the actual situation of views of Petersburgers and city visitors”, — concluded Zaraysk.

we will Remind, deputies of the legislative Assembly on 23 June adopted on second reading amendments to the law on turnover of alcoholic products. All institutions that are less than 50 square meters and operate in the tavern or liquor store should be closed, said the author of the initiative Denis Chetyrbok.

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