“political police”: this is how Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes film Festival, has described the petition against the palm of honor awarded to Alain Delon. Margherita B., a user at the initiative of the manifesto written in English, blame Alain Delon “have publicly admitted to slapping women”, to be “aligned with the national Front, a racist and anti-semitic” and of having “made clear that being homosexual is “unnatural”. If the petition has been attributed to the association of american Women and Hollywood in the media, its founder, Melissa Silverstein says that he does not have to be at the origin, although it has defended the same position.

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“It is difficult to judge with the glasses of today, of the things that have happened and say a few years ago”

Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the festival

“Alain Delon has the right to think what he thinks”, said Thierry Frémaux Monday, regretting also that “Alain Delon has said here and there is globalized”. The delegate general in charge of the cannes selection, invites his detractors to “make the contradictions of existence, ( … ), in the present instance, of a man who left very early in the war, and which is of a different generation”. “It is difficult to judge with the glasses of today, of the things that have happened and say a few years ago”, added Thierry Frémaux. He referred in particular to the words of Alain Delon-held television about the far right in 1987. “I have points of agreements and disagreements with Jean-Marie Le Pen”, stated the comedian. Interviewed by the magazine Variety , Thierry Frémaux recalled Alain Delon “is an actor legendary and a part of the history of Cannes”, like “Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen and Agnes Varda”. As he said on France Inter, Pierre Lescure, president of the Cannes Festival for 2014, consider, him, that this controversy “says a lot of the America”. Without revealing more, before his thought.

Petition controversial and controversy repetition

“I have nothing against gays getting together, but, for me, it is against the order of nature”

Alain Delon on France 5 in 2013

the 18,000 viewers, for the most part coming from the anglo-saxon world, United states, United Kingdom and Australia, but also from France and Belgium, have signed the text in a few hours. The petition anti-Delon surprised by the thinness of his argument. Its instigator, Margherita B., includes a ranking of the ten celebrities most hated of France established by Behold in 2013, expected to show the support of the French to the american initiative. In addition to the meeting of Alain Delon with Jean-Marie Le Pen, Margherita B. accuses the actor of his words spoken on France 5, in the face of Anne-Sophie Lapix in 2013. “I have nothing against gays getting together, but, for me, it is against the order of nature, there’s the interpreter of the Cheetah . We are here to love a woman, to woo a woman, not to flirt a guy or be picked up by a guy.”

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last November, drawing the ire of feminists, Alain Delon, also stated: “If a slap is sexist, then yes I had to be macho. Yes I had to be macho, but I also, even women!” Last element denounced in the petition: domestic violence alleged by the actor. On 4 may, Anthony Delon has confirmed statements made by Laurent Allen-Caron, author of a documentary on the life of the star of the 7th art, according to which his father enclosed, child, “in a cage with dogs for the harden”.

raised shields for the Samurai

On social networks, where invitations to refuse the “diktat american”, the “thought police” or “censorship” are flourishing, the number of supporters of the French actor of the show. The essayist and columnist Éric Naulleau has identified a return to “mccarthyism and the witch hunt”, prevalent in the United States in the 1950s against Americans suspected of communism. The defence of this palme d’honneur took a turn highly political. While several prominent figures of the extreme right shouted to the scandal, the mp LR Éric Ciotti has conveyed his “support to the greatest icon of French cinema who faces bigotry”. Christine Boutin regret it, the contempt american for an actor who “has strengthened the image of the talented French”. Nathalie Goulet, senator IDU, accuses all good critics to be “frustrated of all kinds and jealous”.

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Sixty-two years after his first appearance on the Croisette, Alain Delon could climb up the class the steps of the palace next Sunday to receive his award. He will attend then to the projection of Mr. Klein , a film by Joseph Losey in 1976, specially restored for the occasion. And one of his best roles, the most difficult one: that of an art dealer taking advantage of the damage imposed on the jew leads him to be mistaken for a jew and sent to the gas chambers.