The French have not shunned the dark halls. This year, they were 18 million per month to visit the cinema. But French spectators have become more parochial and big american productions have not attracted the spectators. This is also explained by the quality of the movies hexagon as The deep of Gilles Lellouche or to the hilt of Xavier Legrand. They are part of the 14 best movies of the year selected by Le Figaro .

Silvio and the Other , a drama from Paolo Sorrentino, 2: 38h

A perfume shakespearean fleet on the film’s enormous Paolo Sorrentino. This Fellini sub amphetamines book a portrait of fierce Silvio Berlusconi, the strong man, which made him fantasize Italy for thirty years, camped by Toni Servillo, the actor-fetish. A dive aesthetic and sulphurous in the life of the antipope modern. The staging, virtuoso, waltzed this company superficial. In the middle of these legions of naked women, emerge from the priceless moments of grace.

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Phantom Thread , the drama of Thomas Anderson, 2h10

The beauty. This is the first word that comes to mind: pure, clear, majestic. The hero, played by Daniel Day Lewis, a fashion designer English of the 1950s, has built a universe of perfection. A day that this grandiose manic queue to the countryside, he spots a waitress in an inn. With it, a curious alchemy is created. This masterpiece is the portrait of an obsession, dissects a cold heart. The huge player the irish said to have taken on the role testament of his career.

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3 Billboards, the signs of vengeance , the drama of Martin McDonagh, 1h56

Undoubtedly the best thriller of the summer. The Golden Globe evidenced by: best dramatic film of Martin McDonagh, best female performer for Frances McDormand. No character is all black or all white. The daughter of Milfred was murdered. She complains that the police did nothing. And decides to rent three billboards at the entrance to the town to display his anger. Always at hand, the absurd and black humour come to compensate for the violence of the film.

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Hostile , western Scott Cooper, 2h13

The western is a genre immortal. Scott Cooper proves it again. Landscapes without age, horses gallop, fates seized the lasso, the panoply is complete. The cavalry captain Christian Bale should accompany a chief Cheyenne on slopes sown with dangers. Laconic, they hate because they have participated in the same battles. The earth trembles under the footsteps of these characters in a solitude impressive. Full, brutal, majestic, Hostile already has the patina of a classic.

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The Incredibles 2 , an animated film by Brad Bird, 1h58

Fourteen years have passed since the first installment. Brad Bird takes the lead with gusto. The characters have lost none of their force. The staging, dizzying, reminiscent of the hair-raising rides of the fairground. In addition, an offset well completed between the superhuman strength of our super-heroes and the banality of the situations that they face: the after-school homework, the adolescent love…

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Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot , comedy of Gus Van Sant, 1.55pm

Gus Van Sant has no taboos. It hits hard thanks to a quadriplegic alcoholic become one of the greatest cartoonists of satirical of America: John Callahan. John, played by Joaquin Phoenix, fell into the alcohol when he was little. At the age of 21, he found himself in a wheelchair and decides to travel to meetings of alcoholics anonymous. It is discovered at the same time a passion for drawing. If the staging is a bit anarchic, the redemption of the hero takes guts, and often drew smiles.

A family affair , a drama from Hirokazu Kore-eda, 2h01

Palme d’or 2018 in Cannes, Hirokazu Kore-eda tells the story of once again the history of a family. It is particularly marginal and crushed socially. Osamu and his son Shota practice shoplifting to feed the inhabitants of the house, old house surrounded by buildings in Tokyo, where there is affection. One night, Osamu collects a young girl who seems to be left to herself. A painting touching without any pathos, the only force to a careful observation.

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Jersey Affair , a thriller that Michael Pearce, 1h47

Chills guaranteed. On the island of Jersey, in order to escape his mother’s overbearing, Moll, reserved, and docile, likes to browse the surrounding countryside. She falls in love with a hunter as handsome as a god. But quite mysterious. But then a murderer rampant on the island, she is forced to ask himself questions about his identity. Machiavellian, Michael Pearce perfectly combines the codes of the thriller in the register of horror.

Foxtrot , a drama of Sameul Maoz, 1h54

The israeli Samuel Maoz love for men in crisis situations. For Foxtrot , he was awarded the silver Lion of Jury Grand prize at the Venice film Festival in 2017. And the remonstrances of the government of israel. A happy family in Tel Aviv, Michael and Dafna learn that their eldest son, Yonatan, who was doing his military service, was killed. His father’s hand, to interrogate the soldiers, understand the truth. Brilliant, the staging is organized like a Greek tragedy, with elegance and sobriety.

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Dogman , a drama of Matteo Garrone, 2h

The atmosphere is a staggering sadness. Dogman of Matteo Garrone is the anti- Dolce Vita . In the 70s, in the heart of a city concrete coastal italyno, Marcello is a groomer canine. Marcello Cast, who played with subtlety, was awarded the prix d’interprétation masculine at Cannes this year. Simone chose it as the head of Turkish. Colossus uncouth out of prison, he drags him into the spiral of delinquency. A fable percussion.

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The deep , a comedy by Gilles Lellouche, 2h02

Generous, Gilles Lellouche films the actors more closely. His camera is unobtrusive. Misfits, depressive, Bertrand (Mathieu Amalric), Lawrence (Guillaume Canet), Marcus (Benoît Poelvoorde), Simon (Jean-Hugues Anglade) and Thierry (Philippe Katerine) learn synchronized swimming. Engaging these nickel plated feet of the daily offer optimism invigorating. Under the apparent lightness blows a gentle melancholy. And even a certain sadness.

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Island dog , an animated film by volume of Wes Anderson, 1 hour 45 minutes

The silver Bear for directing at the Berlinale 2018. Orphan, Atari, 12, set off in search of Spots, his faithful companion, landed on the island Trash. The mayor of the city, which has the traits of a certain dictator, Korean, send the dogs accused of transmitting the flu canine. As an architect, the director draws with meticulousness a society dystopian. Without forgetting to insert scenes with the mordant humor.

Cold War , a drama from Pawel Pawlikowski, 1h30

The prix de la mise en scene at Cannes this year. Pawel Pawlikowski follows his two heroes with a melancholy verlainienne. In Poland, after the war, Wiktor, who seeks to revive traditional music, cue the burning Zula. Joanna Kulig, who plays the role, passes through the screen like a shooting star. Between them, the two characters, the love produces sparks. If they swear not to leave, they were struggling to stay together. In Cold War , the director filming without cheating, with a kind of bewitchment. In black and white and in square format

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to the hilt , a drama by Xavier Legrand, 1h34

Xavier Legrand addresses without pictures the theme of violence in a film that dazzles by its skill and rayon need. He was awarded the silver Lion for best director at the Venice Festival in 2017. In the office of a family court judge, Miriam and Anthony are fighting over the custody of Julian, 11 years old. Denis Ménochet lends its physical wrestler husband brutal and immature. A film that prefers muscle to fat, which is aimed at the black of the target and the achieved.