Behind the baldness of the monk, his eyes sparkling and his round glasses Philippe Geluck, 64 years of age, has the look of a nice hellion media. In fact, the creator of the Cat is a renowned comedian who is wielding the irony, the absurdity and impertinence such as nitroglycerin. The passage in Figaro , he answered our questions with humor and kindness he is capable of.

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In her new book, Geluck fart shot , far to divest itself of its habits, the designer push a bit further on the sarcasm: “We do not decide to fart the pellets, it is done when we can do no more. A few years ago, I made two books that prepare for this one, Geluck is a coward and Geluck pushes the nail . With this one I am trying to set the bar a little higher. I have long since need to get out of the cat to tell my readers that I am capable of doing anything other than drawing a cat that raises his finger and looks at the player intently, uttering a deep thought is a huge stupidity,” says Philippe Geluck.

The author surprises once more by his texts, raging, whose drawings “flirt with the boundary of good taste.” Sometimes cruel, sometimes tender, but always irresistibly funny.