Has our child’s eyes, it looked like a super-hero-like comic book character, at once unattainable and yet so close. In the prehistory of the French television, and thanks to some beings of light – Pierre Desgraupes, Pierre Lescure, the rock had taken a place of choice on the antennas with the program “Children of rock”. Philippe Manoeuvre-was the prophet, with “Sex Machine”, mixing unbridled music, COMIC books and pretty girls. The Zébulon was broadcasting his good mood and his enthusiasm not to mention encouraging some young people to dream of a career that seemed more fun than study.

More than thirty years later, in a move falls on the mask in a very nice autobiography. Its title? Rock , simply. In the eyes of the French, he is Mr. Rock, the oracle, that one shall convene, as soon as it is in narrating the facts of the weapons. For the first time, the young retired – he left the editor-in-chief of Rock & Folk after twenty-five years of …

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