LE FIGARO.- The success of the ballet the nutcracker is paradoxical, as the tale that serves as its argument appears to be manufactured…

Philippe WALTER. – It is true that one feels the seams. It is necessary to consider the text of Hoffmann, and especially the adaptation that made Alexandre Dumas. In addition to the hand of Petipa from behind and that of Tchaikovsky who was a mother and a nurse French.

From where comes this tale?

Hoffmann place to Confiturembourg the story of a “slab”, in fact, a “brahmin” explicit Dumas, a brahmin who cut off the head and soon found after. What is this brahmin in the land of the jam? All the world is broken. Hoffman did not invent the story, it comes from an old tradition of mythical adapted and transformed, probably of hindu origin. The mice are beings transformed that one finds in the tradition of medieval welsh, and that Disney, by inventing Mickey, extend. Confiturembourg is the enchanted world of Avalon, land of plenty …

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