Philologists explained why St.-Petersburg

the Correct shortened version of the name St. Petersburg — St. Petersburg, and not Peter. Such opinion on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” was expressed by doctor of Philology, Professor of Russian language, Herzen state pedagogical University. Herzen Valery Yefremov.

the Expert is sure that the word “Peter” sounds familiarly, even though it often appears in the letters of writers of the XIX century.

“In the word “Peter” was probably the thought of his home and favorite place, but it is still more for personal use. That is one of the classics of Russian literature publicly does not use this word on pages of books” — said the scholar.

First name “Peter” began to use journalists of one of Russian TV channels, said the expert. According to him, they were preceded by the latest news from the Northern capital with the words “now Peter”, it was their “thing.” But it is better to leave the word to citizens for personal use, the expert believes.

“by the Way, if the answer to the question “Where are you from?”, you say you’re from St. Petersburg — it sounds incredibly stupid and pathetic” — says Valery Yefremov.

Recall from the moment of its Foundation in 1703 and until 1914 the city was called in honor of St. Peter — Saint Petersburg. After the decision of Nicholas II during the First world war the German name “Petersburg” was replaced with “Petrograd” — so the city was called until 1924. After Lenin’s death in 1924 the city was called Leningrad until 1991 when it returned its historical name.

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