PhosAgro hopes that the forum

PhosAgro will follow with interest the work of the XVI International forum-contest of students and young scientists “Topical issues of subsoil use”, said General Director of the company, the President of the Russian Association of fertilizer producers (brine) Andrey Guriev. We note that PhosAgro was a partner of the contest in which participate as speakers and experts more than 1,000 people from 49 countries of the world. “In spite of the pandemic, which has forced many countries to close, to put barriers to cooperation, in the framework of the forum academic life will boil and go forward”, — said Andrey Guriev, speaking at the opening ceremony. According to him, representatives of the company will participate in the competitive sections as experts. Sasha pointed out that “FosAgro” it is important that in the course of the forum, a section will be devoted to the principles of sustainable development in mining industry, the judicious use of mineral raw materials. This, says Guriev, will help shape a new ethics of scientific progress, “with concern for the preservation of natural diversity of the earth and the welfare of future generations.” For his part, the rector of Mountain University Vladimir Litvinenko announced that the study participants of the competition will represent the under 17 sections. Each of them will perform more than 50 speakers from different countries. In his opinion, such a contest would be a great opportunity for greater integration of the academic community, for interaction between scientists dealing with urgent problems of subsoil use. “I am deeply convinced that young researchers, young specialists and scientists is a promising future of our sector and they now make an important scientific contribution in its development”, — said Vladimir Litvinenko. According to the Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkova, the theme of the subsoil is odNoah of the most important in the modern global environmental and economic agenda. “Only lucid and reasonable design, safe and efficient extraction and use of minerals ensure the preservation of a balance between the interests of man and nature. A key role in finding solutions in the subsoil belongs to the science,” said Falkov, and wished the participants of the forum interesting and full of work. Assistant to the head of the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov added that the Geology — the basis of any economy and ensuring mineral-raw, energy and economic security. He stressed that this competition has established itself as one of the scientific and practical sites of formation of new approaches to science and is a very significant event. According to the Director of the division of science policy and capacity building UNESCO Peggy oti-Boateng, the forum organizers took on an important mission — to unite people from all over the world to act together to solve global problems as one. According to the representative of UNESCO, from young researchers depends what will be our future. In turn, rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko noted the high interest in the forum not only in Russia but also abroad. According to him, the forum will give an additional impetus to international cooperation, as well as provide additional opportunity for young researchers to Express themselves. “From our side, with the permission of Vladimir Stefanovich Litvinenko, we will publish the results of the best research and give them the ambassadors of foreign States accredited in Moscow. This will enable the mining industry worldwide to see the results of works of winners of competition”, — said Alexander Yakovenko. We add that the competition will be held online June 17-19. Its organizers are the St. Petersburg mining University.ersity and international centre of excellence in mining engineering education under the auspices of UNESCO. “FosAgro” was a partner of the competition. In the event participate as speakers and experts more than 1,000 people from 49 countries of the world.

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