The gesture, the excessiveness, the very life of Pablo Picasso, genius undisputed of the painting, have in his lifetime and since his death in 1973, caused much ink to flow. Today, the museum of Malaga, an exhibition presented in Paris dedicated to Olga Khokhlova, the first wife of the artist, illuminating a new light on his biography in love. In an interview with El Pais , Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, grandson of Pablo and Olga, great organizer of the exhibition, has said, contradicting the theses of the majority of biographers and scholars as he was nicknamed, such as the summary of its proportions, The Minotaur, that “his grandfather was a great feminist’. “No one has painted all the women to him, he added before reporters skeptical. No artist has been so brave and taken so many risks as Picasso. It is always went above and beyond movements modern.”

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According to Bernard Picasso, the exhibition Olga Picasso (up to 2 June 2019 at the museum of Malaga, where Picasso was born in 1881), show a facet less superhuman ogre Picasso. The story of this first love will live along the galleries of the museum through 41 paintings extraordinary and more than 300 documents (photographs, films, private letters) that were in the trunk of memories of Olga Khokhlova, this lovely dancer of the Ballets russes of serge Diaghilev, who met the young and talented artist in Paris in may 1917.

Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, discovered this treasure when he inherited the château de Boisgeloup, in Normandy, on the death of his grand-father. This fabulous exhibition has already been admired at the Picasso museum in Paris and the Pushkin museum in Moscow. It will stop from 18 June at Caixaforum Madrid.

Le Figaro presents, in the video, a short interview of Bernard Picasso and a visit to explained by the conservative parisian who has received in the past year in France.

Bernard Picasso evokes the memory of his grand-mother Olga

A visit to the exhibition “Olga Picasso” in Paris