Picked up crackdown: security forces in Minsk stormed the entrances and attack journalists

the actions of the Belarusian law enforcement authorities to suppress protests, more reminiscent of phantasmagoria, which was directed by a homicidal maniac.

According to the Agency Sputnik of Belarus, in search of protesters, the police started battering RAM to storm the entrances of apartment houses on the Avenue Rokossovskogo.

So the security forces are trying to prevent the attempts of hundreds of activists to block traffic on the Avenue.

hundreds of people also gathered in the area of Serebryanka in the East of Minsk, they wave national flags and raising clenched fists up. The district contracted vehicles, which also rides on the Avenue Rokossovskogo.

On Dzerzhinsky Avenue, the riot police used rubber bullets to disperse the protesters. In the course are also clubs, when one of the protesters tries to fight back.

Meanwhile, the AP photographer Sergei grits said that the people in black camouflage uniforms and hard hats taken from members of the media memory card, camera break and tear badges.

“Three blows of the fist, I smashed the screen of the camera. I and six other colleagues selected memory card. Two specially foiled badges,” — said the grits Sputnik of Belarus.

Recall that the protests in the cities of Belarus have not stopped for the third day. The reason for them was the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko, President with absolutely non-transparent process of voting.