the Ultimate foot of nose to the destiny, Daniel Darc went on a 28 February. A day that might not exist. Should have not exist. After fifty-three years of excess, of short success and long crossings of the desert, the ex-singer of Taxi Girl, died at just fifty-year-old. A documentary, Pieces Of My Life , chronicles this existence tragic, eminently rock and poetic. Three good reasons to go see in a theater.

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● To attend to the genesis of a masterpiece

When Marc Dufaud meets Daniel Darc in 1990, it is no longer quite the star of Taxi Girl. It is not yet, no longer the star that he will be returning in the second wave, in favor of a new millennium. The filmmaker films this in-between, this gap, which will lead Darc to the composition, in 2004, of his masterpiece, Crevecoeur .

The producer Frédéric Lo, who lives in the same neighborhood, looking at the time for someone to write a text to the singer Dani. “I embêtait to see him do nothing,” he says in the documentary. Then, when I crossed one evening, as a pledge, I gave him an appointment three weeks later, below me to start working together. I was afraid that it never comes. But at 9 o’clock less five, he was there.” This meeting will be born a album, sublime, which deals with “God, and of the difficulty of the capital to live and have the desire to live completely contradictory, she, with faith in God”, as described by the prophet Daniel Darc.

Some of the sequences filmed during the creation of this disk are nuggets, like the one that shows Daniel Darc song and Frédéric Lo acoustic guitar on I remember, I remember . Or this video of the mixing of Nathanael , with Daniel Darc on the harmonica.

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● To (re -) visit Paris, lost of Daniel Darc

“in The evening, his mother made us sandwiches and we used to go out walking around.” The film follows them in their wanderings the night Daniel Darc and Marc Dufaud in a Paris which no longer exists. One of the booksellers indie, record stores rock ; that of the Palace, where Daniel Darc had caused a scandal by cutting the veins in front of an audience dumbfounded. At the time, the Gibus was still giving concerts rock: imagine that!

In a sequence rather surreal, Daniel Darc also venturing to the cemetery of the Père Lachaise cemetery, where he reads, sitting on his grave, extracts from the diary of Vaslav Nijinsky, the famous Russian choreographer who has descended into schizophrenia. “As Artaud, Nijinsky was a saint and made him a fool because he did not meet the standards of this society”, says Daniel Darc. Any resemblance…

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Because the tone is tender, but never hagiographic

Daniel Darc and his guitarist of heart, George Betzounis. UFO Distribution

This film is the result of a friendship of twenty-five years. A friendship such as Dufaud will of Darc on the red wire of his cinematographic work. Arising from 25 years of coils, first filmed in 8 mm and VHS. Images imperfect, and not always licked, but authentic. The whole is deeply touching, flooded with tenderness without limit that the director has for his lead actor. It is also the story of the friendship between the two filmmakers, Marc Dufaud and Thierry Villeneuve, who did not know of Daniel Darc, but without whose support the film would not have been able to see the light of day. It is he who brings the necessary distance and allows that this film does not fall into the hagiography. In Pieces Of My Life , the black angel of rock is often annoying, with her hair on the tongue, his nasal voice, his way of stage. “His side poseur, that thing is both essential and irritating,” says Marc Dufaud in his commentary. The film does not try to minimize this aspect, this is where its great success.

● The trailer for Daniel Darc – Pieces Of My Life

Daniel Darc – Pieces Of My Life, room on July 24. Sessions at The Arlequin (6th), at the MK2 Bastille (11th), and at Luxor (10th).