Pierre Guyotat has received Tuesday, the prix Médicis 2018 for his autobiographical book Stupidity , published by Grasset. The novelist succeeds Yannick Haenel, awarded to Hold fast thy crown (Gallimard) in 2017. Stupidity was in competition with Arcadia (P. O. L.) Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam, All men naturally desire to know (JC Lattès), Nina Bouraoui, It tells Sarah (Midnight), Pauline Delabroy-Allard, soul Brother (Threshold) of David Diop, Water (Gallimard) by Franck Maubert, and Through the screens of the world (Threshold) of Fanny, Taillandier.

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The prix Médicis for foreign, to him, was awarded to Rachel Kushner for The March Club (Stock), translated from the English by Sylvie Schneiter. The price essay crown The Brothers Lehman, of Stefano Missini (Globe).

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Extension of Formation (2007), Stupidity is the autobiographical account of the entrance into adulthood. Pierre Guyotat remembers the “research of the female body”, the “relationship of antagonism to what is called the “real””, the “tension of all the moments to Art and the greatest that the human” and the “impulse of rebellion permanent” which have accompanied its 18 to 22 year old. A key moment of his life, where the writer is called upon to defend the homeland in Algeria while it began to be published, at the Threshold by Jean Cayrol. Fugue, flight, imprisonment will follow. Stupidity is a call to emancipation, Guyotat watches her young years of a eye sour and a testament to the birth of a poet.

Born in 1940, Pierre Guyotat published in 1967 Tomb for five hundred thousand soldiers , which mixes sex and war, and knows a great deal. General Massu actually ban the book in the barracks French in Germany. It binds with Philippe Sollers and frequent the group “As is”, it will disappear from 1973.

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In may 68, Pierre Guyotat created with Nathalie Sarraute, and Michel Butor the writers ‘ Union. In 1970, seems to Eden, Eden , immediately banned by the ministry of the Interior to the display, advertising and sales to minors. The ban will not be lifted in 1981. He continues his work, rich of several texts, interviews and plays.

In 2004, he has donated his archives to the BNF. There are fifteen days, Pierre Guyotat had already received the prix de la langue française, a literary prize created by the town of Brive to reward a personality whose “work has contributed in an important way to illustrate the quality and beauty of the French language”.

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