The explosion of the rue de Trévise in the Ninth arrondissement, which occurred on Saturday, has claimed the lives of four people. Among them, two civilians and two firefighters: the corporal Simon Cartannaz, 28 years old, and Nathanael Josselin, fireman first class, 27 years of age. He leaves a wife and a 4 year old boy. “They have taken the shock very violent, full force,” explained Eric Mill, the commander of the firefighters of Paris.

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Pierre Niney has published a tweet on Saturday afternoon. He paid tribute to the heroes who put “like all the days of their mission, and their duty above their own lives.” A spell that touches him particularly and that he was in close touch with during the long months of filming. The young actor has recently been shown in Save or die”, a film by Frédéric Tellier, which takes its title from the motto of the fire brigade of Paris. He was cast in the role of a firefighter seriously injured who must relearn daily life. Save or die has saved 950.000 entries since its release in cinemas on 28 November.

To accompany his message, the actor has added a photo of a fireman taking care of an old lady, taken Saturday in the Ninth arrondissement. “This lady on the photo is my great-aunt, commented one internet user. She is going to fortunately well, thanks to the courage of the firefighters of Paris”.

Omar Sy, he, too, wished to tell of his admiration for the two firefighters. The actor of Untouchable hath testified of his “respect immeasurable” to “these two young people – but if great – hero”.

Jean-Pax Méfret , journalist, and singer who has often put music to the heroism of the army, has tweeted: “on Saturday 12, in Paris, two other military – fire this time – were victims of their duty”, alluding to the two offciers who died in the accidental crash of a Mirage 2000 on 8 November.

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The origin of the gas leak that caused the drama of the rue de Trévise has not been determined. The parquet de Paris opened an investigation. Nine injured are still in a situation of absolute urgency.