In a recent interview, Pierre Palmade believed that it should without doubt pay a fine for having used cocaine on 10 April last. It is a good start for. He was sentenced in Paris to 1500 euros fine for use and purchase of narcotic drugs, a-t-we learned this Thursday from justice source.

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The comedian had been placed in police custody on 11 April with another man, in the course of an investigation for “rape, violence under the influence of drugs, and degradation or deterioration of property belonging to another person”. But Pierre Palmade was pulled free of custody in the evening, his accuser having to quickly “put out of the question” regarding the accusations of rape. He had, however, admitted having taken the drug. A demon who, he says, pursues it again, after months of abstinence. The actor had then opted for a procedure of appearance on prior recognition of guilt (CRPC), the so-called “plead guilty”.

A bad relapse

“That night, I was vulnerable, I drank again and I resumed cocaine,” he told the World on the 27th of April. Before telling the unfolding of this evening. “I had a bad encounter in a bar with a boy who had taken the same drugs and who agreed to come home with me. But, for the sake of our state, we tangled and I asked him to leave. He did not want me and said: ‘Since it is like that, I’m going to destroy your career and tell that you had me drugged and raped’,” he continued. “It has become crazy, has trashed my apartment. It ended up at the police station. Two hours later, in front of the police, he confessed to having lied. From my side, I recognized my taking cocaine”.

“This relapse brought me back to reality,” concludes Pierre Palmade, reassuring. It is a lesson. This leads to my addiction: a bad encounter with accusations delusional.”