In his workshop, the black paint clings to the brushes, to the walls of the sink and becomes colors on the canvas under the effect of the light. Francois Cap/François Bouchon / Le Figaro

Pierre Jean Louis Germain Soulages was born in Rodez, rue Combarel, December 24, 1919. So today, this son of Amans Soulages, coachbuilder, and Aglaé Zoe Julie Corp, is celebrating its 99 years. A heritage of modesty, but a genetic make-up, extraordinary as this colossus of 1.90 m is mind-boggling strength and cheerfulness. His wife, née Colette Llorens, is a year younger than wolf and share with him the challenge of passing time. Both are in black, as always, consistent, sober, almost monastic. Of an imposing presence, Soulages welcomes you with her strong voice where humor to the pride. The conversation begins on the terrace of their house in Sète, a sort of Soulages ‘ architectural black, grey and white, nestled on the hillside, facing the Mediterranean, this monochrome changing under the winter sun. His verve is there, intact. As his joy of living, which translates into a familiar laughter, a gourmet meal, the taste of the conversation, collusion, malicious with Colette that …

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