Pilots warned of the danger of flying over Iran

the European aviation safety Agency (EASA) has warned pilots of the dangers of flights over the territory of Iran because of possible activation of air defense. The Agency gave the recommendation to operate not below the tier 250 (7600 m).

the statement stressed that the risk of misidentification of civil aircraft increased due to poor coordination between the military and civil aviation, writes “Kommersant”.

According to CNN, the Pentagon announced that there are “several indications” that the Iranian air defense is in a state of high alert. According to the us military, SAM stood ready to shoot the targets that will be defined as threatening.

Recall that on 8 January over Iran was shot down by a missile Ukrainian air defense Boeing 737-800. Killed 176 people. The Iranian side said that the military did it by accident, mistaking a civilian plane for a cruise missile.

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