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Piotrovsky abolishing the free visit to the Hermitage: I these benefits were introduced, I removed them

Piotrovsky abolishing the free visit to the Hermitage: I these benefits were introduced, I removed them

Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky explained the cancellation of benefits for students and retirees after the Museum opened, the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

“I will answer very rude. We are the only Museum in the world and Russia, which introduced for the Russian and Leningrad pensioners free admission. This is a unique thing, — said the Director. — Now, when we have no money we can’t afford to take pensioners for free — we have a limited number of visitors, we have sanitary regulations, which, incidentally, require to protect pensioners. All our privileges must be justified. Free Breakfast does not happen: for him, someone always pays,” said Piotrovsky.

According to the Director, the state Hermitage Museum is preparing a new system of financing, which will remain all the benefits provided by law — heroes of the Soviet Union, heroes of the Russian Federation and full gentlemen of order of Glory, regardless of nationality, are entitled to an extraordinary visit to the Museum for a free ticket. Also from 1 August every third Thursday of the month, the Museum will be able to visit with free tickets persons under 18 years of age; persons enrolled in basic professional educational programs of students (cadets), mastering educational programs of secondary professional education, undergraduate, program specialties or graduate programs; large family.

“Everything else we have introduced, when they could afford it. These benefits I entered, I removed them. We are looking for ways, I hope, in December all will return”, — said Mikhail Piotrovsky.

Also the Director of the Hermitage has compared the new rules with the Soviet system, in which neither children nor pensioners free access to the Museum is not provided.

let’s Remind everyone to visit the Hermitage you need to wear a mask to keep his distance of five feet, to go only in one direction on the arrowm and buy tickets through the official website. Each route lasting approximately two hours, but the Museum does not limit the time spent in the building. In electronic mode, all of the tickets will cost 500 rubles.

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