Pirates in the Gulf of Guinea kidnapped tanker with Russians and Ukrainians

the Pirates took hostage almost all of the members of the crew of the ship Curacao Trader, which went under the flag of Liberia and was attacked yesterday in the Gulf of Guinea.

According to Maritime Bulletin, the management tanker company Alison Management Corp in the hands of bandits hit 13 of 19 Russians and Ukrainians, were on Board.

it is Noted that the vessel was attacked approximately 210 nautical miles off the coast of Benin on 17 July at 11:00 local time on the way from the capital of Togo.

With disabilities on Board the tanker was left drifting off the coast waiting for help from another ship.

the Russian Embassy in Nigeria check the information about the incident. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has confirmed that onboard there were four Ukrainians. Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria and the UK have established a relationship with the shipowner.

Note that for the year in the Gulf of Guinea was almost half of all cases of pirate attacks. Typically, the criminals demand a ransom for the hostages.

Stories about how you tried to get help from the Russian state in terms of coronaries and what came of it, email it to COVID-19@rosbalt.ru