This is a new defeat for the city hall of Paris. Marcel Campion has installed its famous ferris Wheel of the Concorde, rue de Rivoli, at the edge of the Tuileries Garden. From the top of its 60 metres high with its 48 tunnels, the attraction will make his first tour on the 21st June, on the occasion of the Fête foraine des Tuileries, organised by the patron of showmen, until the 25th of August next.

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Marcel Campion is a regular at the Garden of the Tuileries. Already this winter, the showman, candidate in the municipal elections of 2020, had installed its Christmas market after having been away from the Champs-Élysées by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. It justifies the installation of its Large ferris Wheel by the need to repay a sum of money is substantial.

“I have money with this Great wheel, for which I have invested 10 million euros, informs Marcel Campion at Paris . When I did the project with the city of Paris, it was for a contract of six years. However, at the end of two years, they have decided to not renew the contract. But I still had 4 years of investment to pay off. I didn’t want to be like them, to leave the debt for future years. Me, I am a contractor and to pay my debts, it is necessary to work. I still have 4 million to repay. I’m going to try to do so in the Tuileries”.

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The town council “deeply regrets”

For its part, the city of Paris “deeply regrets” the installation of which it became aware on Thursday night, thanks to our confreres. “We deeply regret that the decision of the elected representatives in paris, taken unanimously in the Council of Paris, being circumvented with the white hand of the State services”, sigh-t-on at City hall, quoted in the daily île-de-france. In effect, managed by the Grand Louvre, the Tuileries Garden belongs to the State. “For us, the State, the government, encroaches on the sovereignty of local elected officials and took a decision without any consultation with us”, continued the municipal employees.

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in Early may, Marcel Campion was the subject of a complaint from Ian Brossat, ex-candidate for the communist in the european elections, denouncing “his obsessions homophobic”. It was as a result of about one-sided interpretations of the king of the fairground last September and for which Bruno Jaillard, deputy to the mayor of Paris, had already filed a complaint in October 2018. If the accused has immediately apologised, the candidate for the mayor of Paris has also held to respond to its critics by launching operation The feast to all, the day of the inauguration of this new ferris wheel. For the sum of 15 euros, visitors can obtain free access to all the attractions and the revenue will be paid to the fight against homophobia.