is it Necessary to distinguish the artist from the man? Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, scheduled Sunday at the Salzburg festival, was warmly applauded and welcomed by a standing-ovation for his first performance since the publication of charges of sexual harassment against, reported the media in austria.

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“Triumph in Salzburg, standing-ovation for Domingo, in spite of the case Metoo”, headline in the regional daily Kleine Zeitung , a few hours after the performance of the opera Luisa Miller which Spanish artist of 78 years was the interpreter for the most expected. For the journal Salzburger Nachrichten , the public was offered to Placido Domingo “a standing ovation ostentatious,” while the celebrated opera singer is facing charges of sexual harassment brought by nine women, and for actions that date back several years.

In a desire to offer a face-welded, all of the singers of the production of this opera by Verdi is presented on stage before the start of the representation, “and was immediately applauded”, while the audience of the orchestra “has lifted a block under the cries of “bravo”, writes the news agency APA. “In this way, the audience of Salzburg has clearly shown that it was behind its star,” says the austrian agency.

● Placido Domingo ovationné in Salzburg

All of the representations maintained

The German Ursula von der Leyen, president-elect of the european Commission, was among the spectators of representation, according to the press photos. The allegations against Placido Domingo, has prompted the Los Angeles opera, including Placido Domingo is the general director since 2003, to announce an investigation, and two large halls us to cancel performances. No cancellation has been announced by the european cinemas where the artist is scheduled in the coming months. Placido Domingo needs to occur in Hungary on Wednesday and again in Salzburg on August 31. The director of the Salzburg festival, had argued the presumption of innocence, and considered “objectively unfair and irresponsible, on the human level, to make final judgements right now”.

living Legend of opera, Placido Domingo, who a half-century career has recorded more than 100 albums and has performed more than 4000 times, is being challenged by eight singers and a dancer blaming him for the inappropriate touching and kissing, forced, from the late 80’s. The singer has called the claims “disturbing, and, as presented, inaccurate”.