Plastic surgeon who conducted the deadly operation the lady, detained

In St. Petersburg detained a surgeon in a private clinic, made a woman plastic surgery after which the patient died. As have informed in city Department of the Investigative Committee, the man is also the founder of medical facilities.

the Clinic, located on Vasilievsky island, has disbarred on inpatient care according to the specialty “plastic surgery”. However, on may 29, surgeon illegally held a woman born in 1958 plastic surgery. May 31, her condition worsened and the patient was hospitalized in the state hospital. The next day she died. According to preliminary data, the death of the victim was caused by septic shock with the accession of DIC on the background of blood loss.

the Investigators find out all the circumstances of the incident, appointed a Commission forensic medical examination.

the issue of electing a suspect measure of restraint and the presentation of the charges against him.

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