Players of

the Players and coaching staff of FC the capital “locomotive” was closed for isolation at the base in Bakovka. About it reported in a press-service of “railway”.

the Team decided to follow a policy of self-isolation due to the frequent cases COVID-19 in the Premier League.

the Vice-captain of “Locomotive” Marinato Guilherme said that the club is fighting for first place and an exit in the Champions League and can not afford to take the risk, taking into account the situation with coronavirus. “So at this point we decided that we would follow the self-isolation in Bakovka” — he explained.

In late may, the media reported that the four players “the Locomotive” has identified coronavirus. Tested positive goalkeeper Anton Kochenkov, Midfielders Dmitri Barinov, a Novel Tugareva and striker Timur Suleymanov.

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